Diamond Back Moth Lure

In order to keep pace with the never-ending demands of customers, we are involved in offering the wide range of Diamond Back Moth Lure.

Insect Type : Moths
Trap Type : Pheromone
Brand : Smart Trap
Material : Silicon Rubber

Diamond Back Moth (Plutella xylostella) causes maximum damage to cole crops such as Cabbage, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Mustard, Canola, etc. DBM adults are approximately 8-9mm long with a wing span of 12 to 15 mm. The wing tips are fringed with long hairs. The forewing margins have a series of yellow wavy markings which come together to form diamond shapes, when the insect is at rest. So the name diamond back moth. DBM larvae cause maximum damage to the crop. DIVINE TRAP INDUSTRIES offers an extremely effective pheromone based solution to tackle this menace, as detailed below.

Pheromone Dispenser / Lure
The Pheromone dispenser is in the form of a Rubber Septa or a translucent polymer capsule in which the active ingredient material is filled in.

Color : Brick Red or Translucent White.

Materials of Construction : Silicon Rubber or UV Stabilized polymer.

Active Ingredients : Z-11-Hexadecenal , Z-11-Hexadecenyl-1acetate , Z-11-Hexadecen-1-ol.

Effective life span in the field : 30 to 45 days, subject to weather conditions.

Application – How it works : Place the Lure / dispenser in the Trap Lure holder and place the traps at various locations just above the crop level. where the catch is effective. As the Active Ingredient is dissipated into the atmosphere, the insects are attracted into the trap. Eventually they get entrapped in the trap and die because of the provision made in respective traps. It is advised to use 8 water traps or pheroglo traps per acre initially. Trap density may be increased upto 50 per acre depending on degree of infestation. So the next cycle or generation of insects i.e, egg laying (ovi-position)-larvae - pupae- flying adults does not happen leading to drastic reduction of pest population. Thus over 50% to 90 % control is achieved.

Storage & Safety Precautions :

  • « Store away from sunlight under refrigerated conditions.
  • « Do not open the pouches or the plastic bottles or tubes until just before using the product in the field and fix the caps tightly back on to the bottles/tins/tubes immediately after usage.
  • « All the materials and components used in the manufacturing process are generally known to be non hazardous to human beings.
  • « This information is given in good faith and manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damage that may be caused by using the product to men, machinery and materials.
  • « Responsibility for verification regarding compliance with regulatory requirements, product registrations and patent infringement laws solely lies with the user.

Features : High performance | High demand | Reasonable prices

Target Pest : Moths

  • Benefits :
    • It is cheaper , simpler, easy to use and maintain
    • Specially designed trap for all types of Moths, flies & other insects
    • Helps to monitor & detect whether past are present in the field
    • Helps in reducing the damage to the crop
    • Easy to monitor the trapped pests
    • Can be installed easily

Diamond Back Moth Effect on Cabbage & Cauliflower :

Effects After Using Diamond Back Moth Trap:

Insect Type Moths
Packaging Type Box
Trap Type Pheromones
Uses Agriculture
Color Brick Red or Translucent White
Brand Smart Trap
Material Silicon Rubber

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