Sticky Trap

We have carved a niche amongst leading and trusted companies for trading and supplying a large range of Insect Glue Trap.

Insect Type : Moths
Trap Type : Glue Pad
Color : Yellow, Blue
Brand : Smart Trap
Material : Plastic

They are used for one of two things: Trapping or monitoring. Putting traps out in numbers can be effective in reducing airborne adult populations of certain pests like whiteflies and fungus gnats by trapping them. Use yellow sticky traps to trap/monitor most pests.
Sticky traps are useful for monitoring an area for crawling insects 24/7, and as such are frequently used by professionals to enhance their ability to detect pests during pest control inspections. Sticky traps allow an inspector to detect pests that are active at night or other times when people are not present.  

Also known as “glue boards” or “glue trays,” sticky glue traps are made of pieces of plastic, cardboard, or fiberboard coated with a strong adhesive designed to trap any animal who wanders across or lands on their surface. Glue traps are among the most inhumane devices on the market today.
These are used to increase attract these species to canopy or malaise traps. Yellow is attractive to many insects commonly found in gardens or greenhouses, including winged adult white flies, aphids (see Yellow pan traps, below), leaf miner flies, fungus gnats and thrips (which are also reportedly attracted to blue). 

Features : High performance | High demand | Reasonable prices
Material of construction : Pieces of Plastic, Cardboard or Fiberboard

Target Pest : White fly, Leaf Miner Flies, Fungus Gnats and Thrips

  • Benefits :
    • It is cheaper , simpler, easy to use and maintain
    • Specially designed trap for all types of Moths, flies & other insects
    • Helps to monitor & detect whether past are present in the field
    • Helps in reducing the damage to the crop
    • Easy to monitor the trapped pests
    • Can be installed easily

White Fly Effects on Plants:

Effects After Using Sticky Trap:

Insect Type Moths
Packaging Type Box
Trap Type Glue Pad
Uses Agriculture & Hoticulture
Color Yellow, Blue
Brand Smart Trap
Material Plastic

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