Melon Fly Lure

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Insect Type : Melon Fly
Trap Type : Pheromone
Color : Natural
Brand : Smart Trap
Material : Soft Wood

Melon Fly trap is LURE ready to use for trapping of Bectrocera cucurbitae (MELON FLY). Active Ingredient is pheromones for the insects Plywood board constructed in the form of lure coated with chemically inert Cuelure ( 4-(3-oxbutyl)phenyl Acetate) , CAS NO. 3572-06-3 as an attractant. It is being used for Insect attraction and containment for the purpose of monitoring the target species

APPEARANCE : Small size of Soft Wood with pheromone chemical surface and placed in aluminium coated polyester bags.
The adult melon fly is 6 to 8 mm in length. Distinctive characteristics include its  pattern, its long third  segment, the reddish yellow  of the with light yellow markings, and the yellowish head with black spots.  Life history Development period from egg to adult ranges from 12 to 28 days. The female may lay as many as 1,000 eggs. Eggs are generally laid in young fruit 2-4mm deep, but are also laid in the succulent stems of   plants. The eggs are deposited in cavities created by the female using its sharp r. Pupation usually occurs in the soil . There may be as many as 8 to 10 generations a year.  

Features : High performance | High demand | Reasonable prices | Safe in use | Available in different size | Best quality
Material of construction : Plastic & Pheromones

Target Pest : Melon Flies

  • Benefits :
    • It is cheaper , simpler, easy to use and maintain
    • Specially designed trap for all types of Melon flies
    • Helps to monitor & detect whether past are present in the field
    • Helps in reducing the damage to the Vegitables
    • Easy to monitor the trapped pests
    • Can be installed easily

Handling : Do not breathe vapours. Avoid contact with eyes. Wash thoroughly after handling.
Storage : Store in cool dry and well ventilated place. Keep away from heat, sparks and open flames.

Melon Fly Effects on Vegitables:

Effects After Using Melon Fly Lure:

Insect Type Fruit Flies
Packaging Type Box
Trap Type Pheromones
Uses Agriculture
Color Green
Brand Smart Trap
Material Plastic

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